Accelerate Business


Accelerate Business is an action and research center which focuses on concepts and methods for accelerating growth and innovation which can be applied in SMEs as well as large organisations.


The mission is to use action research to implement emerging accelerator practices and phenomena to facilitate innovation and commercialization of new initiatives in global technology-driven and knowledge-intensive firms.


The initiatives can be framed around ‘integrative strategy’ models that incorporate central forward looking analytical approaches with decentralized strategy-making approaches where new business initiatives are taken throughout the organization in response to changing conditions. This all resonates with contemporary themes linked to strategic responsiveness, dynamic capabilities, integrative-responsive tensions, ambidextrous organization, network theory, open innovation, management control and communication processes.  


There is increased interest in how to accelerate business and use innovations as platforms for growth. With research which Accelerate Business has pioneered it is possible to uncover and clarify some of the concepts, models and approaches which can be applied in organisation which aim for accelerated growth.



Accelerator Involvement: 


- Accelerator Iceland - Viðskiptasmiðjan 

- Startup Reykjavik -

- Startup Energy Reykjavik -

- CBS MBA Accelerator -

- Accelerace -  

- Startup Bootcamp -


Partners: The Accelerate Business is partnering with leading innovation and growth companies with the aim of using some of their problems and opportunities as action research platforms. 




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