CBS MBA Accelerator

motivation talk


Motivation Talks are short events which have the purpose of linking theory and practice of entrepreneurship, keeping the momentum going and the accelerator on agenda. There are seven Motivation Talks during the accelerator weeks:


1) Business Ideas,

 - Key concepts: Preparation&Circumstances, Effectuation, Opportunity recognition, Creative imitation


2) Business Models,

- Key concepts: Value creation, Design thinking, Business Canvas, Business modeling 


3) Market Development,

- Key concepts: Customer creation, Market segmentation, Chasm 


4) Prototyping and Product Development,

- Key concepts: Fast prototyping, Product innovation, Technology, Trends


5) Team and Resources,

- Key concepts: Credibility, Dynamic capabilities, Venture capital,  


6) Business Platform,

- Key concepts: Platform creation, Venture triangulation, Sustainability, Change, Vision


7) Pitch and Business Development Plan. 

- Key concepts: Power pitch, Storytelling, Business plan, Business development


The motivation talks of the CBS MBA Accelerator are supervised by Dr. Eythor Ivar Jonsson


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