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Advisory boards for fast growing companies


The program is free for the companies selected for the program. Deadline for applications for 2015/2016 is: 1st of October 2015.


The A-Board program helps entrepreneurs to develop business models and growth strategies for their business. The A-Board program started in 2006 as part of the Fulltime MBA program at Copenhagen Business School. More than 100 companies have participated and the reviews have been excellent. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work with an international group of business people exploring the potential of their business. 


Purpose: Advisory board to help entrepreneurs to develop their companies by assisting them in taking important decisions and clarify their vision and mission.


Process: The process focuses on three questions in three meetings: 1) What business are we in? 2) What business could we be in? 3) What business should we be in?  The aim is however also to give some practical advice regarding problems which can be put to the test immediately.


Value: Research on the participants has shown that there is a significant change in strategic understanding and direction of companies participating. It has also been evident that entrepreneurs have gained confidence and much better understanding of what they need to do to make a successful business.


Participants: Startups and small companies that are in the growth phase and companies which need to break out of the comfort zone. Passion, people and growth potential are the key ingredients. Entrepreneurs need to be willing to commit time and resources for the program.


Board members:  Four to five members: three to four MBA-students, and the Chairman who works as facilitator (from the A-board organisation).


Pact: The members of the advisory board will have no financial or personal ties to the company. The entrepreneurs will be open and honest about their business and promise full disclosure of information.


Meetings: Three meetings per year, in December, February and March. Two hours per time. Relevant material and the agenda will be sent more than one week before a meeting.



Organiser and founder of the A-Board programme is Dr. Eythor Ivar Jonsson.

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